Kris Auker

Kris is an electrical engineering student in Drexel’s BS/MS program and hails from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. He is an active member of the Drexel Track Club and a hall representative of Race Hall. His hobbies include long-distance running, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, designing power electrical systems, and reverse engineering pre-existing technologies. In the past, Kris has developed high-power laser cutting systems, designed railgun platforms, and engineered a variety of compact electrical communication systems.

Sean Inouye

Sean is a mechanical engineering student in Drexel’s BS/ME program. He is from Danbury, Connecticut and is currently a member of the Drexel Robotics Club, Drexel Club Tennis Team, and the JUSA. In high school, Sean was a student athlete who was a member and captain of the Danbury High School Robotics team that qualified for the VEX World Competition, captain of the varsity tennis team and member of the varsity soccer team.

Nathan Schomer

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